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          " Office Modular Furnitures , Mobile Storage System , Caslon Filing System"

          Mobile Storage System

          Increase Storage Capacity 90% With in the Area.

          Combination of MDF, MSF and Fix Units, It Can be Tailor Made basis,

          All Units are Duly Powder Coated, Once all Units are Club to Gather it become Solid block, with Lock. Ideal for Box \ Office File, Lateral Filing System, Computer Consumable like Data Cartage etc Space Saver


          • Cockpit Workstation
          • Linear Workstation
          • Executive Desk
          • Conference Table
          • Storages
          • Keyboard Tray
          • Pencil Drawer
          • CPU Trolly
          • Filling System (Lateral)
          • Compactor (Mobile Storage System)