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          Contact Us

          Kunshan long Cheng Xin metal products Co., Ltd.

          Contact: Mr. Su

          Tel: 0512-36889088

          Mailbox: Jetty_su@ks-lcx.com

          Fax: 0512-36692388

          Address: No. 788, Wulian Road, Chengbei, Kunshan, Jiangsu.

          Company profile

          Home > About us > Company profile

          Kunshan Longchengxin Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer engaged in precision parts supporting services and automotive parts. Since its establishment in September 2010, the company has gradually improved the industrial supporting facilities to meet the needs of customers. Up to now, it has 10 employees with a workshop area of 4000m2, and its business scope includes: precision hardware processing, manufacturing and manufacturing. Stamping processing, mold processing, injection molding, thermosetting plastic packaging.

          We firmly believe that cutting-edge technology can bring value-added services to customers, the company has a number of inventions and practical new patents, while young products and mold research

          The development team will also bring continuous impetus to the development of the company. Since its establishment, we have been adhering to the "quality enhancing value, efficiency and cost reduction".

          The company has passed SO9001 and TS16949 management system certification, so that we are product development, production and manufacturing, market.

          Field promotion, product distribution or customer service can quickly and effectively meet customer needs.

          Wind and waves will sometimes hang clouds to sail the sea. We look forward to working with you hand in hand!