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          What can Long Chengxin offer you?

          關于龍成鑫 / About Us

                                                          Kunshan Production Base

                                                          Changzhou Production Base


                 Long Chengxin (Kunshan) Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise mainly engaged in automotive interior decoration, fastening connectors, precision stamping, welding parts, die processing, injection molding and other products. After years of intensive cultivation in the field of automotive parts, it has accumulated rich experience in the field of dashboard, central handrail, door panel, seat, gear shifter and other automotive interior decoration. In 2012, we have obtained the TS16949 automobile quality assurance system certification, and completed the IATF replacement in 2018; in 2016, we entered the Yanfeng, Eche Group supplier system ……   >>

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