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          " Office Modular Furnitures , Mobile Storage System , Caslon Filing System"

          About Us

          Fortune introduce new concept to offices known as open plan system, which is most scientifically & ergonomically designed to the furniture industry. Metropolitan city turned nuclear, office Space is always at premium.

          Fortune Modular Furniture System with various Modular Partition,Fortune Wish Partition System Manufacturer in Mumbai for more effective utilization of space, maintain aesthetic looks, enhance image your office, Neat & clean looks for condusive working environment and individual privacy & increase efficiency.

          unique space which are as elegant as they are efficient & economical.

          Fortune Wish partition system

          Fortune offers partition (Tiling system) with various furnish like Laminate, Fabric & white board etc. incorporating versatile compatibility for wire management, communication cables. Furniture like conference table, executive table, storage systems match & internationally acclaimed chipboard in k\d condition, easy to set up rang of office furniture system with unique design. Fortune being in modular, these combinations are expandable in answer to the need for additional workspace, easier to arrange\ re-arranges and upgrade compared to existing conventional furniture. In every sphere of activity successful programmers begin with sound planning and to assist in such process, we offer our service in helping you out to plan out just How the Fortune would be right in furnishing your office.

          All items designed & Mfg. surprise and satisfy even most demanding customers be it an Architect, Interior designer, corporate client, the most discerning business man / professional. You need more details send mail / logon for captioned subject please, call / Fax us. Our Sales team will co-ordinate with you at your time.


          • Cockpit Workstation
          • Linear Workstation
          • Executive Desk
          • Conference Table
          • Storages
          • Keyboard Tray
          • Pencil Drawer
          • CPU Trolly
          • Filling System (Lateral)
          • Compactor (Mobile Storage System)