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I let out a scream that is primal, visceral.  I feel it all the way to my bones...fall to my knees and cry, deep  endless sobs.  I clutch the envelope to my heart, as if it could bring Entho back. Diamond lets out a piercing yowl, joining in my pain.

-excerpt, "To the Moon"

​​"What, did someone get his head chopped off?"  It is the Light Skinned boy, and his golden eyes are twinkling, as if he is enjoying this.

"Yes...well actually it was a woman."

-excerpt, "From the Mountain"


(Formerly titled as Exploded)

            How do you define evil?
Two brothers...two sisters, from completely different worlds.  A magnificent explosion sets off a chain of events that leads them on a course of action, adventure, romance, and disappointment too cruel to understand.  A demon waits at every corner.  Find out if this wacky crew can come out of it all unscathed! 

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Fiction Book: 

Orion leaned down toward my neck and his lips grazed against my skin.  He nestled his head against the nape of my neck, my hair spilling out over his head, and I could feel his breath under the tent of it, hot and steamy.  We stayed clamped together like that for a while, our arms clasped around each other.  

​-excerpt, "Forbidden Rain"

Just then Koree's face explodes in my mind...his piercing green eyes and coppery curls.  That dimple when he smiles...his olive skin and angular jaw. My stomach spirals out of control, and tingles travel up my spine.  I suddenly miss him so much that my heart actually hurts.

-excerpt , "From the Mountain"